It is very reassuring in these days of mass production, to find a company totally committed to the traditional ideals of quality and craftsmanship. Millbrook Beds is the perfect reflection of these traditions highlighted in the elegance and sumptuous qualities of their bed collections. Everything is traditionally upholstered using only the finest natural fillings. By using these fillings, such as British pure new lambs wool, soft silk, sumptuous pashmina, cashgora and cotton in their mattresses, they create a mattress which is totally comfortable and luxurious. They are also chemical free. With the return of good craftsmanship growing, the demand for true quality is becoming more popular. From the hand-nesting of the individual pocketed springs, to the natural upholstery every stage in the making of their beds must meet their exacting standards of timeless quality. All of Millbrook Beds divans are constructed using timber from FSC®-certified forests. The pocket spring is at the heart of all their top quality sprung beds, each spring is placed into its own individual pocket and sewn all around to isolate it from its neighbours, ensuring no ‘roll-together'. Double stacking and individually hand nested pocket springs provide superior levels of support. The top tier if the springs absorbs the majority of the weight whilst conforming to the body shape. The bottom rows resist more gently adding to the overall support and also to the longevity of the mattress, all working in harmony to ensure that your body is supported. Their unique Zonal edge springing provides extra strength to the sides of the mattress, by applying 2 rows of firmer springs on either side, ensuring no ‘roll-off’ or sleep disturbance. The fully pocket sprung firm edge divan base provides a supportive foundation for the mattress. All their mattresses are available in different comfort tensions and the bases offer a huge choice of fabric colours with a great range of headboards to complete the look .
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